Why Nitrile Gloves are Best for Dairy Farming


Disposable gloves have many uses in agriculture, especially when it comes to dairy farming. Nitrile gloves, for example, are perfect for this application.


According to Progressive Dairyman, gloves have experienced increased usage in this industry over the past ten years. This is because of a need for improved worker and animal health – not to mention, a desire to produce higher-quality milk. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all dairy farms use gloves because of these reasons.

根据“Progressive Dairyman”(美国一网站)称:在过去的1年里,手套在该行业使用量一直在增加。这是因为工人和动物的健康需要改善,而生产高品质牛奶的要求就更不用说了。事实上,因为这些原因,几乎所有奶牛场,50%的员工都在使用手套。

Nitrile gloves in particular provide several benefits:


Cleaner milk due to less bacteria transferred from hands to the milk, as the bacteria does not adhere to the nitrile as easily as to the crevices of your hands


Protection against repeated exposure to teat dips


Superior resistance to iodine used to prevent contamination between cows, a resistance not found with latex gloves


Progressive Dairyman noted this sanitation practice is crucial for dairy farms. If cows become infected, they represent lost revenue. This problem becomes worse if an infection spreads between cows. Rather than risking lost profits and low-quality milk, dairy farmers should be sure to replenish their nitrile glove supplies to get the appropriate level of barrier protection.

Progressive Dairyman网进一步指出(使用手套)这种卫生设备实践,对于奶牛养殖场来说是至关重要的。如果奶牛感染疾病,问题将会变得更加严重。为避免利益和奶质降低的风险,奶农应该确保丁腈手套的充足补给,以得到合适的手部防护。

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