Did you know the industrial, safety and chemical industries had the highest disposable glove revenue, on par with the medical and dental industry in 2012? Not only was this sector the top contender for industrial markets that year, analysts project it will continue to have the second highest revenue overall by 2022.



  While industrial safety is a broad area, one need remains key: chemical protection. This is why nitrile gloves account for 65 percent of the glove material distribution in this industry.


  Considering the American Burn Association said 3 percent of hospital admissions for burns from 2003 to 2012 were for chemical burns, and 9 percent of all burns were occupational, workers in the industrial and safety industry are vital potential customers for nitrile and other glove materials that offer chemical resistance.



  Chemical resistance is a key selling point for disposable gloves in the industrial safety industry.


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