With regard to disposable glove revenue, the janitorial-sanitation industry has one of the lowest figures, but that does not mean it is not a target market for distributors. In fact, the jan-san industry has the second-highest revenue growth potential of all sectors, indicating the market is ripe for expansion.



  select me Jan-san employees use gloves for various reasons, including protection from harsh chemicals and pathogens. Additionally, they use an average of 15 pairs per day, which is on par with the usage rates in the medical, dental and food processing industries.


  With the potential for vinyl, nitrile and latex glove sales, distributors do not want to miss out on the many sales opportunities in the jan-san industry.




  Workers in the jan-san hands from harsh cleaners, making this industry use many pairs of disposable gloves to protect, their market a viable target for glove distributors.


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