I am very proud of AMMEX China’s leadership team. They convened Friday for a strategic planning session where they focused on THE ONE THING to ensure that they deliver extraordinary results. Eleven months in, they are crushing it in 2017 and now they have set BIG GOALs for 2018. 

During the planning session, they squared off into 4 teams (Delta, Alpha, Gemini, and Diablos) for an exercise on how a new company might use $100m to take AMMEX China down. Through this exercise, they answered a few big questions: what would the company look like? What would they do differently? How would they take market share? It was a great way to brainstorm new ideas! The exercise helped them set the framework for AMMEX China’s top 5 2018 goals. AMMEX China is going to have a fast start to 2018 with this team!



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